Stripping oak furniture by sandblasting or lye treatment:

Now you can stop your daily lye treatment, stripping, rubbing, removal of paint and varnish from your beautiful old furniture, old doors, stairs, oak ceilings, wood beams, oak kitchens, in short, all kinds of treated wood!!!

We use a technique with which we can quickly restore the original colours of your old cupboards, chairs and tables quickly. In addition, we can clean doors, painted doors as well as stairs and oak kitchens.

The furniture is cleaned dry, completely avoiding distortions or dissolving of glue.
We can also fit new locks, handles and hinges if you wish. You can also contact us for rush-bottoming and upholstering of your chairs and seats.

We also stain, varnish, paint, lime or antique finish your furniture if required. Or we can supply the best products if you want to perform the varnishing, painting or antique finishing yourself. Your furniture will undergo a complete makeover. All our customers are surprised by the results.

We also sandblast fences, iron gates, oak beams, radiators, wood trusses, and we use our technique for removing graffiti, cleaning monuments and old buildings, stripping paint from furniture and doors, cleaning brick driveways, stripping sheds, gates , sandblasting stairs etc. Where we cannot sandblast, for example on painted shutters, doors or cupboards, we will use lye treatment.

Send us digital images and if possible the size of your furniture to be treated, and we will send you a quote. If (sand, aluminium etc.)-blasting cannot be done because your furniture has too many layers of paint, then there are other possibilities such as lye treatment or stripping etc.

Bring your furniture in today, you are guaranteed to get it back within seven days! Or call us for an appointment and we will carry out a free demo on the inside door of your furniture.

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