Lye treatment, sand blasting and removing paint from old oak furniture:

You can contact us if you need your furniture stripped.

Stained oak, varnished dining chairs or furniture are lightly sandblasted and thus restored to their original colour.

Nearly all visible places are stripped, i.e. the outer walls, the inner sides of doors and shelves.

After stripping, the furniture must undergo a treatment to make sure it lasts a lifetime. The most common and cheapest technique (and also the
most widely known) is rubbing with a standard parquet oil. This is a very long-lasting treatment that will serve you well for years. We can do this for you, or we can teach you. With this treatment, the grain remains perfectly visible and you can see the natural structure of the wood. We can create and apply other techniques such as thorough staining.

Painted cupboards or furniture will be given lye treatment, i.e. they are immersed in a bath with a product that removes the (layers of) paint.

Every week we treat full oak dining chairs.

For a free demo on the inside of your cupboard doors, phone us for an appointment.

We do work for large furniture stores, architects, furniture makers and individuals, but we also renovate furniture for schools and other large institutions.

We also make blackboards (with green or black board paint) or mirrors from your old frames. Simply bring the frame in - we will discuss what you want and you can pick it up the following week.

In addition, your mirrors and (single) glazing can be custom ordered from us, we can offer this custom work at the best prices. All mirror and glazing work will be available to pick up the following week.
To order glass cutting, send us the measurements of the thickness of the glass by email.

Give your old furniture a modern look and contact us for a free demo!
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